Change and Progress: Gaining Plenty

Before I ended up holed up inside for 3 days, I made a little chart for documenting resolution progress. You can click on the worksheet you want to use, or find links to them on the downloads page.

We {actually, C} worked on the chair a little more. I found out I was approved for my permaculture design certificate {Can I get a woot woot? What, you're not still stuck in the nineties like I am?} and getting all geared up for the Gardening Like a Forest workshop with Dave Jacke.

What else is goin on? 
Abbey is having a Valentine's giveaway.
Poppytalk kicks off Winter Colours Week with RED!
I'm enjoying Mothering magazine via Progressive Pioneer, and {thanks to her recommendations} have a long list of books to check out from the library.

How was your weekend? Whatcha got on your radar for the week?


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thanks for the shout out, lady! Congrats on your permaculture design certificate. Woot woot right there with ya! xo, A

Michelle said...

That's funny. I've been using a resolutions chart I made for a few years now and it really helps. I was just showing my mock-up of a fancier one to friends as I'm about to put it in my shop. Great minds of course. ;)