Bees, Permies and Assorted Sustainable Living Links

Anarchy Apiaries - I love how this blog is much more like a zine than a blog
Backwards Beekeepers - Naturally keeping bees naturally just makes sense.

Food in Jars - Philly based canning extraordinaire.
Pie and Beer - Lianna Krissof's Canning for a New Generation made me want an even bigger garden, plus I love that she addresses using Weck jars in her book.
Saving the Season -  the title says it all.
Tigress in a Jam and Tigress in a Pickle - while not dedicated solely to canning, a great resource on the subject of both (you guessed it!) jams and pickles. 

CB and J - Meals even the most novice of cooks can make...and every single one I've tried is delicious!
Honest Fare - Simple, beautiful, straightforward fare.
Local Kitchen - also includes some tasty ideas for canning. 

Florida Backyard - A beautiful site with gardening, music and recipes. 
NC Alternative Crops and Organics - a lot of info for farmers, but still some great NC gardening knowledge

You Grow Girl - Long time favorite, and maybe the site that single-handedly got me hooked on the internet. Gayla's books are also my top 2 go-to resources every time I plan a garden: You Grow Girl (crafty, affordable gardening ideas) and Grow Great Grub (an encyclopedia of the basics).

Herbal Healing
Holli Richey's blog - Full of interesting quips and plant based folklore, you'll learn a bit about the plant and its uses.
Way of the Wild Heart - Leans towards the feminine/spiritual side of herbalism, a concise resource.
Whispering Earth - An holistic approach to the plant world. 

Brooklyn Homesteader - One of the truly urban-est homesteading blogs with perhaps the most beautiful graphics ever.
The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking - Covers everything. Everything.
Oliver and Abraham's -  Setting up farm with a sheep named Bill Murray.
Rurally Screwed - Urbanite moves to a farm. It's something like a country song, one very hilarious, often updated country song. And no pigs named Arnold, at least that I know of.
Small Measure - NC gal who writes books and an informative blog with a gentle approach to the earth.

Making Beautiful Things {while being easy on the earth)
Alma Allen and Nance Pearce 
Andrea Zittel

Nurturing Family
A Foothill Home Companion
Simple Living Media has several different sites that include simple ways to care for kids (and kids' minds), the home, and ourselves
This Vintage Chica:  Crafty, simple and thoughtful ways to engage the entire family
Urban Organica: Precise and poetic musings about connecting with loved ones

Oakhouse Permaculture - Lots of amazing info on plants; each post concentrates on the specific uses of plants. Also has some descriptions of the cosmetic uses of herbs.
Romany Rest - Formerly a B&B, now they're teaching permaculture classes; their descriptions of guilds are a phenomenal resource.