Summertime Coloring Page

I've been finding time to draw, so I thought I'd share my latest line drawing with y'all! With lots of little details, this drawing is just might be better suited for you than little ones. Hollyhocks for a little mindless coloring. Slow day at work? Click on the image and print. An even better idea might be to add a tall glass of wine and you've got yourself a mighty fine plan for the evening.


Homemade concoctions to aid in making homemade concoctions.


A few holidays ago (I have no idea which one) Charlie started building me a drying rack as a gift. Six, maybe 8, months of starting and stopping later it's finally finished and in full use! It's basically a pine frame with slots to slide trays in. The trays are also pine and I hot glued taut screen on top of each tray.  The whole thing, though large, is lightweight and easy to move, but also slips nicely into place underneath the kitchen counter. So far I'm drying snow/snap peas and fava beans for fall planting, various herbs, and thin slices of a large beet.

The beet is an experiment. My favorite lip balm has a hint of beet powder in it to tint the balm. I'm interested in trying to make my own with fewer ingredients and perhaps a bit brighter color. Wish me luck, it may take me another 6 to 8 months to get around to making it!



Whoa, seems I get my period more often than I post these days.

We've been busy with growing up (preschool graduation is about the cutest thing ever), redoing bedrooms (he may not sleep there, but F needs a room where he can keep his toys), and generally fun house projects.

I've been working on myself, it's a hard thing to stay healthy while your mind is consumed with keeping others healthy. The gym is now a regular part of my life and I'm more hell-bent on growing chem-free vegetables for our single-income family.

I have a continual and new (yes, it's possible; every 10 minutes it hits me like a new thought) sense of awe for all those stay-at-home-parents; we have 2 darling kiddos and it's entirely exhausting.

...for all of us!