A family collaboration

A few weeks ago we took a family trip to the beach. One day M sat down and said, "Let's draw shells!" How could I say no to that? So we drew shells together.

Then I made a coloring page. Then we came home and I kept drawing.

I started playing with color and texture from some watercolors images I made with this piece in mind.

Charlie suggested I use a photograph of sand he took while we were at the beach. I tried it and I liked it! I have a feeling it won't be too long before Fox plays an even greater role in the process too, but in the meantime, I like thinking of this piece as a collaboration between Mabel, Charlie and me!


She sells sea shells (actually this one is free)

I made a coloring page from my newest drawing. I thought some of you, like me, aren't ready for the waning of summer. Here's a little summery activity to ever-so-slightly extend the season: a seashell coloring page!

Just click the image or link and you'll go to a google doc for downloading. 


Toil and Trouble Pumpkin Mash Up

Ana Campos of Toil and Trouble recently sent me a message asking about ordering a custom size for a print. Since I print each item as it's ordered, custom sizes are no problem! She decided on a Pumpkin print, and snapped a shot of it in it's new home! Wasn't that so sweet and doesn't it look fantastic on that beautiful yellow wall? Makes me ready for the cooler fall days!

Want to know more about Toil & Trouble? Be sure to visit Ana's blog and shop!