Cones: A brief tale

A new drawing borne from a walk-turned-collecting opportunity, a newish pack of markers begging to be used, and a subconscious palette inspiration.


Kneading Novice

After reading a little too much about grocery store loaf bread, I decided 2015 is the year to tackle homemade sandwich bread making sans bread machine.

Buying organic bread would assure I'm not feeding the kids GMO or Round Up desiccated wheat with their sandwiches. As a one income household, buying organic bread every time would put a terrible dent in the budget.

Organic isn't the only issue; have you heard that flip flops and loaf bread have a common ingredient? Azodicarbonamide. Or you can look into bromated flour. Either way, the stuff is just plain weird, so I'm spending my days elbow deep in organic and unbromated flour slowly progressing in my bread making ability.

Are you a loaf bread wizard? Any tips or tricks for this kneading novice?


Organization, Baby Steps

Our kitchen cabinets are the original to the house, steel mid-Century GE space age things. We have a dream of having the painted at a car place, but not the funds, so they're rusty and imperfect and perfectly suited for the aesthetic of the rest of our home.

Anyway, a few days ago I was unloading the dishwasher for the bazillionth time (really probably the 3rd time that day...how?! why?!) and decided we needed a better system for the utensils.

As with 90% of the population I vowed not to be more frugal this year, so naturally Charlie needed to make a a custom sorter for the drawer, right? The old and icky contact paper needed to go, too, so I thought a nice piece of fabric doubled over would be a better alternative (after all, it could be washed when the time comes). I measured the drawer, marked the size on the fabric and quickly serged the edges together to make it into a large mat.

Not too shabby for a quick project that didn't cost an extra dime to make, huh?