what to do in the midst of a blizzard

Snowed in for three days. C + M had their snow boots and were ready for the weather. I was not. Nor was I interested in wet freezing feet, so I stayed inside in my pajamas. for. three. days.

Over the course of 3 days a lot happened. None of it very interesting, but I'll list it for my own geeky amusement:

We fiendishly used up the remaining 2 teaspoons of caffeinated coffee in the house and moved on to french presses of decaf {caffeine detox}.

I made and {we} ate a vat of potato leek soup.

I made and {we} ate chocolate pecan cookies.

I {we} also drank copious amounts of hot cocoa.

I successfully avoided internet shopping {aka spending ceasefire}.

We {mostly C and with a little help from me} started on re-covering the Plycraft lounge chair. and decided {based on 2 facts: the trim job on the vinyl was so ragged and ugly; there was a tiny scrap of black leather stapled underneath one of the vinyl pieces} this was it's 3rd incarnation of upholstery. We also decided it's going to be super comfy and fancy.

I also watched far more Psych than I'll ever admit.

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