the magic of curious eyes

Gliding into the weekend, ahhh. breathe.

Gandhi fundamentals via Francesca via Oh, Hello Friend.

Tonight I'm finishing up the printing portion of wedding invitations I designed.

After that, though,I've got very few plans, but might make this (with cashew butter or soy butter instead? maybe tofu instead of chicken?),  take some walks, and add some more green around the house. Perhaps I'll even get around to starting the chair??

Maybe I'll just sit very still and contemplate. Riiiight, that's totally possible with a curious little person who is smack dab in the middle of meeting this big ol' world, running circles around me, exploring {then tasting} every nook, cranny, and minuscule detail of everything in our house.

Actually, that sounds like the perfect weekend: Watching the magic of curious eyes.

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