Weigh Day Wednesday {a reflection}

Yesterday was weigh day for me and total I've lost 13 pounds. {hooray!} While it's a little weird to track this so openly on a blog for the world to read, I have yet to find the time to attend a Weight Watchers meeting, so this is actually keeping me motivated.
That and the fact they have an online system to track foods you've eaten, the activities and exercise, and the weight you lose.
Plus it's going a lot slower than in the past--I guess it's that aging metabolism syndrome. {Crap--I just linked to good housekeeping. I'm losing my edge.}

Speaking of losing my edge, have you seen Canvas, the new line out by Lands' End? It's sort of what the Gap and JCrew used to be, but in a much better price range. You do have to wade through pictures of gaunt women and wonder what the clothes would look like on real curves, but you have to do that on all the other websites, too.
Plus I like they don't pair up items to look "quirky" and "eclectic" and. . . forced. I think the stylists have spent a little too much time on Wardrobe Remix, wondering what "real people" are wearing.
Someone give that woman a cheeseburger! I think she's about to fall over! Hey stylists--weird slouch poses aren't the "casual" relaxed look you're going for, unless you are targeting an audience hooked on muscle relaxers.
Okay, getting a little catty here, but I'm going to have to buy some new clothes soon. Ones that fit, and it gets discouraging looking at all these websites. The skirt I was wearing yesterday has limited use in my future, thanks to Old Navy's extreme vanity sizing, before it just falls right off. I know, I know: buy handmade, but you know what? It's expensive. Worth it? Totally, but if I need 3 pairs of pants to cover my hide I could easily use an entire paycheck if I go handmade.

Just so you don't think I'm all ugly words and snarkiness today, here's an abundance of cute:

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