A Stitch in Summertime

I've been listening to this, rockin' out and dancing in my car, bopping along down the road. Good stuff. I really like the tracks that sound more like a full on collaboration between Danger Mouse and James Mercer. . . a few of them sound full-on Shins-ish, and I didn't buy it to buy a Shins album, now did I? Also, it's released by Sony, so although it may appeal to those that like "indie" rock, there's nothing independent about Sony. Now, as long as we have that straight, it's really really good and full of fun beats and catchy tunes. One of those albums that'll take you through the summer, making every car ride feel like a road trip: airy and full of possibility.

Speaking of sunshiny summer fun, all the cute summery clothes from Kids Clothes Week made my sewing hankerin' impossible to ignore, but I can't find that derned book I made C buy the day after we found out Mabel was on her way. Gah! I decided to buy a few patterns on etsy, PDFs that have gotten good reviews from mamas that used them during KCW: a pinafore pattern PDF from Heidi and Finn and 2 garments from Dear My Kids.

Summer. *Sigh*

Let Me Sew Love is making changes, the ever-inspiring Miss Modish is making changes. . .and although I've been following Weight Watchers, if I add a regular exercise to my routine I just know things would move more quickly. {Have you noticed my updates in the left column and how they're kinda. . .errrr. . . stagnant?} Every year I have an "Oh! I'll lose 30 pounds before swim season and I'll brave a swimsuit in public" and I believe it for about a day, but never lose the weight. Swimsuit season comes along and I just don't put one on because I don't want other people to see my body. Double self-punishment! First I belittle myself, then I miss out on a ton of fun. Not this year. I'll make the changes, sure, but if my outer self doesn't change I'm going to put on something skin-tight anyway.

These suits are {left to right} The Liz from Ava Bell Designs, a cute little patterned number from Spiegel, 2 from Anthropologie, and a classic, retro style also from Spiegel.
Modcloth has a few cute options.

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