I've got a sleeping little Mabel on my left arm as I type this. She had her 6 month vaccinations on Thursday (um, yes, I realize they were a month and a half late) and has been fussy since then.

Why I didn't split them up, I don't know. The same thing happened last time, which is exactly why I postponed this round. Not only do they give her a low fever, they make her thighs sore/sensitive right where the car seat harness crosses her lap. Plus I think it makes her less trusting of other people for several weeks after the shots. I'm not saying all this to get into the pro/anti vaccine argument. Maybe just hoping to prepare people for some of the other side effects.

M's aunt/sitter is sick so I (the secondary income) played hooky from work today and we picked flowers while watering the garden. Coffee in bed then a morning filled with flower picking? Yes, Please!

Happy Monday. How's yours so far?


monkeyandsquirrel said...

this sounds like a perfect monday to me!

Jessica said...

A lovely way to play hooky.

Hope your little one feels better soon.