wonder, amazement, and a whole boatload of random.

This is me then, and me now (-ish--my hair is already chin length again).

This picture usually hangs over the dresser, waiting for Charlie to get a similarly aged photo of himself from his mom. Little me stays on the wall waiting patiently for little C.

I took it down and scanned it in for the Old School show--'cause you know the whole world needs to see another little early 80s bowl cut.

But what I like about it is looking and not really remembering what it was like to be so small. The time that has passed and the changes and experiences I've gone through. They're all important and significant, but the wonder of being able to walk through life so easily, with your parents to bundle you up when it's cold, there's a magic to that, and that's the wonder we refer to when we talk about seeing life through a child's eyes.

That's what I'm trying to get back to. Finding the minuscule bits of magic and revering them.

blogged about some images and ideas from Wish Magazine, and although they're sort of typical of what is going on in the mainstream world, these 2 images are so calm and quiet, they're definitely worthy of a daydream or 2!

Even sand instead of the rocks would be a nice momentary escape from dirty hardwood floors and rugs that need to be vacuumed.

Hmmm, Jess~we might be racing you to building an outdoor shower first!

If you're in Charlotte, Urban Ministry will be unveiling their new rain water cistern this evening. The party starts at 6 PM. Don, the Gardener, is collaborating with us on the Community Grant, which is actually called Rehabitat. As things get rolling a little further along, I'll share some other links with you!

Yes, a whole lot of random things going on, but soon they'll start weaving together and making sense, I think. When it does, though, I think it'll remind me of the magic of seeing the world through innocent eyes.

Speaking of nothing in particular, this poster. Ok, so it's got a dirty word, but friends. . .how perfect is it, really? I think really perfect.

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Anonymous said...

that poster is AWESOME.
and we should TOTALLY have a competition to build an outdoor shower!

ps- you were TOO CUTE when you were little!!