Honey Sweet as Mustard

I'm on day 8 of an unintentional no sugar kick. It started with eating local and seems to be doing me a whole lotta good. Perhaps the lack of sweetness is causing my insatiable love for a more savory color: mustard.

Some of my most recent loves:

lovely capture of a Japanese garden in Portland, by Miss Modish herself!

hold jar by nesting emily

moodswing and mati rose team up for absolutely breathtaking jewelry for you and your home.

J Jill shirt in just the right hue--pretty affordable, too!

exactly where I'd like to be today, gorgeous photo by etsy seller Unravelling, via indie fixx galleria.

crochet table at CB2--on sale and really hard for me to resist.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod for the galleria!

Btw, I am also giving up sugar. I'm still using honey and agave nectar, but no white refined sugar of any kind. It's been about 2 weeks and it's kinda hard, since I have a sweet tooth.

Luckily, it's summer and I can go the orchard down the road from my house and get local peaches, blueberries, cantaloupes and watermelon! Yum!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

jen--you're quite welcome, it's fun to look through the galleria for sure!

That's exactly what I'm doing--mostly using honey, also have some stevia plants, so when I harvest the leaves I'll use those. But now refined cane sugar.

all that fresh fruit sounds heavenly. I had some delicious end-of-season blueberries for breakfast. even though they weren't at the peak of the season, they were still yummy!

Anonymous said...

You ladies put me to shame - it's that time of the month where it was imperative that i just ate a chocolate bar. Damn! But i did have 2 amazing white nectarines for breakfast :-)

Thanks for the linkie love to my Unravelling store!

modish said...

hey, that's my photo up there! aww, thanks sugarplum for the linky link!

Erin Lang Norris said...

Oh yes...I have been longing for that yellow crochet wire table since it was released when there was still snow on the ground. I kept telling myself that I would have funds for it by the time it went on sale. Of course I secretly knew that wasn't going to happen. This is one of those things that I'm totally going to kick myself for not buying (like that sweet gigantic watermelon picnic basket I saw at a flea market last week. why oh why did i pass it up...) but I guess it's just a material thing and who needs those. (that's what I'm trying to convince myself, anyway.)

I am happy that your eat local thing is still going well! I try to eat local as well, but haven't gone full-blown local yet. One day soon, though.