I told you I'd show up with some links!
I guess you can tell what I'm thinking about--cooking and planting, and the wonderful combinations that follow.
These rough cut bowls are so heavenly.
Crocks from Perch would be perfect for my fresh butter (can you imagine living the sort of life that allows for fresh butter from a crock?!?)
I don't have enough orange in my life.
These pears are fleshy and minimal all at once. The shape and form make me feel like they would be so comforting to cradle in both hands.

Happy Birthday Design Milk! You're a blog of eternal inspiration and clean design.

How many times can I link to You Grow Girl before I just give up my own blog because Gayla has all the good ideas and finds anyway?? This planter is such a beauty. Click the link, see the sign, be constantly amazed.

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