New TV??

I don't know how it happened exactly. Last night the mister and I went to the local big box hardware store for a piece of glass and some shelving brackets.
(Let me give you a tip at this point. . .The glass was for a custom frame I ordered. If I had gotten the glass with the frame, both of which were included in a 60% off custom framing sale, the glass would have been $20.00. The glass at the hardware store was $10.00.)
While there, said mister decided it was the day to buy a new TV.
We don't watch TV so much, Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal are the 2 scheduled weekly events, though we're not devout enough to watch Grey's Anatomy through rerun season, see small rant for several reasons why.
The impulse for the big purchase came at 8:30 PM; Boston Legal comes on at 10 PM.
We bought the items for my small projects, sped down the street to another big box to see what they had to offer in terms of moving up a notch from our 1970s console TV set, which was obviously everything they had to offer.
We found the set, an HDTV ready tube with flat screen and really nicely saturated color. On sale for $550.00 and an out of the box version that had an enticing $150 gift card with purchase. That was our deal, and boy was it pretty. (It still is, don't worry, this isn't a tragedy.)
Then we realized we didn't have anything to put it on, except for aforementioned console set, which wouldn't do justice to our high dollar purchase. Yes, that's cheap for a TV, but a whole lot of money to spend in one place, seeing as how my car blue book value is less than $500.00. Enter Big Box 3, where we looked at all sorts of furniture, keeping several ideas in mind: 1) particle board was out, we wanted something solid enough to not end up in the landfill in 2 years, 2) it needed to function beyond TV stand, so when/if we found a TV stand to fit our style we could use this item elsewhere in the house (i.e. not waste money just for a temporary fix).
It was 9:30 at that point and we still wanted to make it home in time for Boston Legal. (Laugh all you want to, friend, but I need my weekly dose of tongue-in-cheek-liberalese, I can't get it elsewhere around ol' North Carolina.)
We found some bookshelves that seemed sturdy enough, matched C's office furniture perfectly and the box said "ash wood frame, melamine" as the materials. This was our solution! $60!! Woo hoo! We check out and arrive home at 9:57 with enough time to turn on and tune out, only to find out Boston Legal wasn't on last night. So we watched PBS in high def.

Now the shelves are all put together, I am not in the purchasing position for anything since I cut my hours back so much, but I'm dreaming of the perfect blend of a modern and mid-century modern TV stand. Does anyone even make such a thing that isn't MDF and doesn't cost a fortune?

(Credit where credit is due-from top to bottom: Shelving from Target, we got the 2 shelfer, notice the box said wood and melamine, the website says MDF and melamine. The website is correct, although there are a few pieces to the shelves that are actual wood. grrr. TV is from Best Buy, where we got ours. All entertainment units images are from Overstock.com but are actually all made by/for Lazy Boy

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