Blown Away. . .Adventures in the Windy City!

Next month I'll be venturing out of the very warm and humid mid-Atlantic region
to meet up with some familiar faces in Chicago.
Gayla, Amy, and Oh My Stinkin' Heck will be there among countless other
inspirational, forward thinking women. I'm doubly proud to go, because not only
will I meet this funny, smart, incredible women, I will be on a panel!!

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A couple weeks ago I was a little jealous of C for getting to fly to the west coast for work, and now I get to do some work-related travel of my own!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, baby, can't wait! When will you be arriving? Where are you staying?

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS! Are you staying at the W. Lakeshore? I called even after being told they were booked at the blogher site and they had cancellations I guess b/c I got a room for me and Jess.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

WHAT!?!? Who would cancel there???
I'm at the Chicago City Centre. Might try to switch. . .W hotels are swanky!