Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend and the perfect get away!

We made it to Atlanta Friday night at just about midnight, went to the show on Saturday (it was great to meet so many new people, and I met Sarah of The Small Object!) had dinner in Little 5 Points and spent Sunday morning and a good amount of C's money at Ikea (see images of table and chair).

Then came home to some very happy little kitties and puppies, who all seemed to have the happiest of times while we were gone. The Sneak was a little moody toward us at first, but that ended quickly with a little rubbing and scratching.

For dinner we had squash from the garden, so sweet and crisp, the perfect taste of summer! As well as brown rice and some organic broccoli. The broccoli is from the organic produce delivery service I joined after the mister had produce sticker shock.

AND while we were gone, I received my Agave americana and Agave vilmoriniana via Fed Ex from Daniel's Cactus. Today there's gonna be some planting in my afternoon!

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