Zip zoom zowee

At some point in recent history I must've made the transportation gods smile upon me. First the roller skates (we went twice last week!) and now a scooter! I don't know what I did (or what he did?) but Charlie is spoiling me rotten!

I've also realized that using the folding tables I originally got for taking to arts and crafts shows are not doing a very good job doubling as work tables because everything inevitably ends up on the floor and in a big pile of mess. So another purchase before a long overdue spending freeze: 2 end tables and a dresser from eBay. They were described as "good, used" condition, but are really in more "used" than "good" shape, they will, however, work well in the studio for storage. Don't you just love those extra little drawers down the middle of the dresser?

NOW the official spending freeze (for me) begins. The mister has a job out in LA this week, so I'm thinking he'll need to spend a little money before his freeze begins. I'm so proud of my jet-settin' photographer!

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Anonymous said...

I am jealously delighted for you!!!! How wonderful!!! Don't you love your little speedy demon????I do!!! xxo