Dear TV Show Writers,
Please stop making women wishy-washy, indecisive ladies allowing their fate to drift with love. Thank you writers of The Gilmore Girls, for mercy killing my secret indulgence. Marrying to get over a recent break up? Come on! Although giving Rory the chance to start a new professional life sans Logan showed a streak of independence, but the second to last episode was the first time we knew her character as a strong, single woman. Previous to that, she was the serial monogamist depending on those boyfriends for everything.
And now, the Grey's Anatomy writers are making surgeon women into weak, passive, codependent, jealous and emotionally unstable creatures. All of them. Please, give me a season of women who can be happily involved yet independent (or single and independent, I'm not picky) whose main troubles are work-related. Or maybe a character picks up an eco-conscience and fights for a cause. Maybe Izzy isn't satisfied with anything because she isn't fulfilling her spiritual desires. Do all problems have to be male-female?
Your closed-mindedness is making me seriously reconsider our relationship. I spend less than 2 hours a week with you, but I'm starting to feel like that is too much. Redeem yourself so I can have my mind-numbing habit back! I want to curl up near you and veg out, really, I do.
Please reconsider your stance. I know relationship woes are easy to write about, fit into the formulaic standards of successful TV, but take it from Boston Legal, there are bigger issues in the world than shallow, emotional ineptitude.
Thank you for your time,
The weary hearted watcher in NC

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