Playing accidental catch up

I have been an absentee blogging friend of late, staying busy and generally not being able to pop into other's blogs as much as I would like. This morning I was thinking of Vanessa, and literally on my way to her blog to see what fun she's been up to, when I stopped by etsy.

Imagine my surprise when I was piddling around over there and found these incredible images! I'm not usually one for whimsical work, furniture covered in polka dots or fairies, but boy does she make them so cool and fun!! The fungi prints are also at the top of the neatest-things-I've seen-in-a-while list. Her colors are perfect! Her style is delicate, and this sort of whimsy is undeniably wonderful! Not to exclude the equally colorful, whimsical, and super fun ceramics! This strawberry bowl simultaneously takes me back to my girlhood and makes me want to host a grown-up dinner party so I can serve out of it. Ooo la lovely!

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