here, here!

Where have I been?!? For so long I was blogging everyday in good practice. Now the moments where I can sit down and blabber on are fewer.
Where have I been? Well, I guess to partially reconcile all the recent purchases, I've been cleaning and purging. Oh you should see the pile of purge! I'm practicing the "If you don't love it, set it free" philosophy, and if it comes back it just proves what a pack rat I am. Ugh, the curse of my family lineage.
So far: 2 HP DesignJet 600 plotters that were out in the garage for the past year while I tried to figure out how to use them with fabric. Off they went, hopefully they'll have more love in their new home. Today I said good bye to my second LeClerc floor loom. I'd been holding on to it for so long, but with the new/old furniture from eBay I had no more room. Off it went, to someone who I think will REALLY love it.
Sometime ago I caved and bought into the "Swiffer Convenience" phenomenon. I'm fairly pessimistic about buying a new and improved piece of plastic, but anything that seems to be perfect for the hardwood stairs I refinished deserves a chance. So I bought a swiffer mop thing--the flat one that has the wet wipes you attach to the end. And I used up the one wipe that came with the Swiffer, and the Swiffer sat. and sat. and cried out from neglect. it cried for a long time.
Today, I proudly reclaimed its usefulness with a cleaning rag most know as a "wash cloth." I'd meant with all good intentions to do this, but I'd much rather blog than knit these days, and you see how much of a chance I have to blog! I salute you, my little Swiffer Soldier. You're back in the game!!
All of this left me with a little time to work on a gift for my friends who will soon to be a "triple" with the birth of a little girl named Iris. Oh little Iris, you will be so adored!

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