Tuesday Night Veggies

For Widening-My-Veggie Horizon day 3: Asparagus (not too far out on a limb with that), steamed artichoke (I hadn't had a fresh artichoke since 1996!), and braised leeks with onions and potatoes. Not too crazy on the exotic-vegetable scale, but at least expanding the menu!

Lisa suggested in yesterday's comments to try joining a vegetable subscription service. It's a great idea and I'm looking into it. Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa!

If you're in the area and are interested in joining something like that, I'll save you a little googling. You can search by location (good search for the entire US!) on Local Harvest, or search the Carolina Farm Stewardship. If these don't suit you, try searching for a CSA in your area.


Anonymous said...

And I say "whaaaa??" to no fresh artichoke since 96'? Holy cow. I couldn't go that long without it (only because it's my favorite veggie, even more than broccoli!).

Although, here I am, shocked and astounded about you and your lack of artichokes and I've never even tasted a leek before! I need to put that on my menu...

shari said...

we are members at a local csa and i highly recommend it. :)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yeah, I distinctly remember the last artichoke experience because my roommate at the time cooked them, they seemed to take forever, and the one I had was really "thorny". It didn't seem at all worth it.
However, last night's was incredible and will definitely be integrated into the dining menu. When you try leeks, find a good recipe for roasted leeks and fennel. Charlie doesn't like fennel so we didn't do that last night, but I love that combination. YUM!

lisa solomon said...


looking forward to what happens when you sign up :)

[fresh artichokes. yum]