I saw this bag in Target this past December or January and uploaded the pic to my flickr as a reminder of how much I loved it. I thought about it for a week, went back, and they didn't have any more. It was $17, so that made a whole lot of sense.
Three months later I was still thinking about the bag, trying to tell myself I didn't need it. Charlie and I saw it at another Target and he said I'd been talking about it so long he wanted to buy it for me! I've had it for a month or so now, it's a little dirty from a happy-to-see-me puppy, but it's perfect for my somewhat transient lifestyle right now.

Here it is with me at work. Inside you can see today's lunch, a commissioned design I'm working on (and actually the cause of yesterday's rant), but you can't see yesterday's mail, and the website notes I have for my soon-to-officially-launch store, and an assortment of accumulated stuff that I need to sort and toss.

Since then, I've seen it on flickr and various blogs, and also read a lot of comments about how others can't find it. Here is a link to search for a store near you. They have another print in the same bag that is really cute, too, with a chair caning pattern . Oooo la la!

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