Sorry for that latest rant, I just need to say things "out loud" sometimes, air them out to realize the root of the issue and all. But life is great, actually! I have lots of projects going on and lots of love from my boys all around me.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is food; vegetables in particular (as is the substance of my food since I am a vegetarian) and how much of a veggie rut I've been in. Friday night the mister and I went to Dish, where I had a chickpea patty "burger" and collard greens. Mmmm, vegetarian collards are an art, and they have them perfected.
Then the next night we went to Merts, where I had collards again! Again, perfection in the form of a cabbagey cousin.

So what is the point of all this? The point is, C and I are all too faithful to a very limited number of veggies, failing miserably at expanding our flora consumption. Broccoli, corn, green beans, tomatoes. . . really these are the ones we eat most often.

The solution: expand the (our?) palette by eating at least 1 different vegetable a day for 2 weeks. (I'm easing the family carnivore into vegetable consumption, so if this is successful maybe the adventure will go longer.)
Meaning: 14 days of fruit/vegetable based dinners, at least 14 different vegetables involved. Maybe more! Hopefully this will help us gain foodie adventure, but it will also enhance the deliberate nature of a well-prepared meal while inspiring us to eat at home.

The list so far:
Sunday: Black eyed peas, corn, green beans. (All three of these are standbys, so we've gotten them out of the way early in the game.)
Monday: Leftover peas, sauteed cabbage, steamed carrots.

The Tally: 2 days down, 5 different veggies.

It's gonna be a little tougher from here on out!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a vegetarian, but I've been trying my hardest to experiment with different veggies and fruits lately. My goal is to discover more meals where the vegetable is the star, not the meat. I need a little more spice in my life, foodwise, if you know what I mean!

Hope we can get there together even if one eats meat and the other doesn't!

Good luck. Oh and if you find something absolutely fantastic, let me know and I'll do the same!

Anonymous said...

HI Hi hi!!! Miss ya! I have been under the weather and hence, disappeared. But, I am feeling better, and the veggie talk is making me hungry! Yummmmm! Can't wait to hear how it all tastes!

lisa solomon said...

your rant actually made perfect sense. thank you for sharing it....

and interms of veggies... have you thought about trying to get a box of local stuff delivered [is that avail in your area?] then your'd be forced to try out what's in season!