How about Orange mentioned the free Dover Clip Art, so I signed up! (Just what I need in my life, more visual and informational clutter). This is one of the first samples I got and it made my day. Just look at the distraught woman in the background as she finds deer snacking in her garden. I added a little Photoshop color, but you can sign up yourself and get all sorts of free stuff!

I've also been working on a new-ish series of work on nature and conservation. Out of all the studies, drawings and sketches I've done, came the orange painting/drawing of maple seed helicopters that I'm sending to Taryn for helping me untangle the world wide web in my overloaded brain! Thanks for not giving up on my tired brain!
Taryn found the jacket, made by Sykossa, on flickr as an inspiration for the color. I didn't reference it when I was mixing the colors (just went on memory), but I think it came out pretty close!

Holly's post on blogging themes made me a little embarrassed to chart our veggie eating. You should check out her post, there are great and insightful comments on there! In the mean time I will still post my foodie exploits, because part of why I blog is to document processes. And exploring veggies with someone who relied on ramen noodles and hot dogs for 10+ years prior to our marriage is definitely an experience worth documenting!

Tuesday night comprised of roasted root vegetables: parsnips (new to me), kohlrabi (also new to me) and a red bell pepper for color and flavor. Once they were roasted, I added a honey-tinged vinaigrette. I liked it, he was neutral about all of it. Actually, initially, he was shocked that I spent $16 on vegetables. Must remember to go easy on him, not shock him with the produce.

Last night we caved and ate out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Valle. I've been working 7 to 3 at my paying job and preparing for a small tour of craft shows, creating my website, and making art for a gallery show I'm planning with a friend. I was tired. I couldn't muster the energy to spend on dinner.


Anonymous said...

Eating out is totally understandable. I don't know how you manage with work and trying to set up shop and making all those great pieces of art! I decided not to work this spring (because of school and wanting some gardening time and craft time) and I still don't think I have enough time.

Oh and I read the decor8 post last night and felt a little embarrassed myself. They've got a really interesting conversation going on over there though!

Misti said...

Ooh, I signed up as well for the clipart.

As for a collard recipe, I typically just boil them in one can of broth ( you can use vegetarian) and add a bit of water and boil for about 20 minutes. I did use chicken broth but use the veggie to make it vegetarian. Then I save the broth and use it again the next time around.