One more day for a free CIY with every purchase on my etsy site! Don't pass up yummy scented watercolor markers!!


Anonymous said...

Oooooo, looks lovely.. scented markers....That awakend the 5 year old in me... off to peek...xxo,V

Robyn said...

Renee, I love these bears. Went to your site at etsy and did no tsee all four. Would love a set (if possible) for the new grandson's room. Thanks!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Hey Chronicler,
I do have the set of all 4 available on the Wonderland Retreat store for now. Check them out there! When things slow over there I will list them on my site, but they don't seem to be slowing down any time soon! (Hooray!)
Thanks so much for the compliment!