(Spring) Fever in the Funk House

Spring is here! (Well, okay, it's tomorrow.) I'm not sure if I can breathe a sigh of relief yet, we get snow here through April sometimes. But the new bed is nearly there, all wondrous, new 64 square feet, more than doubling the designated veggie space.
On a quick trip to the hardware store Sunday night, my squeeze and I found 6-foot dog-ear style pickets on clearance for 97 cents a piece. On a whim we bought enough to span the side of the fence, and on an even greater whim, the mister came home from work last night and put them up.

Et voila! No more unsightly parking lot beside us! No more (sometimes more than) occasional nasty neighbor incidents.

But I don't get to put up my "No trespassing, No hunting, No fishing" signs. I thought they were awesome and punk rock. He thought they were redneck. Just proves my theory there is a thin line between the 2.

These little projects were, of course, major distractions from other projects. C'est la vie. This is what happens when springtime hits and the world looks new and promising again!(These are some of my flickr favorites from last week)

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