To the 10-ish year old girl and her mom shopping at SouthPark this past weekend,

Ladies, I understand your fashionable nature, but maybe, perhaps, I wonder, isn't 10 too young to wear hip huggers and knee high boots with 4 inch heels? I realize the height made you look and feel older, but you still looked 10 and when you dropped your candy and picked it up, well, you showed me and my mom your entire derrière. We were very uncomfortable with the entire experience, and perhaps the heels should wait until they are more proportionate to your height and activities that involve bending at the hips can be more modest and graceful.
I hope you both understand where I'm coming from, and I don't intend to be rude at all.

The Too-Old-for-Her-Age woman who was behind you for an inordinately long period of time walking through the mall.

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Anonymous said...

Heeeee heee hahhahaaaa! Isn't it so true!!!!! What are these mothers thinking???? YIKES!!!! No wonder our society, is well. you know. Love your new look!