Time for Din Din!

I first found This is Love Forever Kayte over on flickr. Well, it turns out Kayte also posts over at Adorn, a super fun mag and blog which linked to microRevolt, a project that conceptually lies somewhere between art, craft, and the ever-gray field of politics. Even if I can't corner it into a category, it is, however, brilliant.

On the house front, we got a light fixture for the dining room similar to this one found on the Lumens site. If you're looking for fixtures or rugs or furniture or, well, anything for your home they have a great selection of modern and contemporary items (including Angela Adams rugs!). They are a bit pricey, though, so it might be the site to look through if you're ready for a domestic investment.

Ours came from a "big box" hardware store and is all white frosted class with a brushed nickel ceiling plate and neck attached to the lampshade. It was $69.00, very affordable.

Do you remember the $25 table? Well, it's 2 weeks away from being re-thrifted. It wobbles and neither me or the man can figure out how to steady it and have lost patience (as well as our thrifty pride) in it. What will we dine on? I just ordered a maple beaut from Crate and Barrel's outlet store.

Of course, these 2 items doubled the cost of the room re-do (now totalling closer to $530), which is still low-end for redecorating.

What do you think? Will the newest additions fit in well enough with the vintage pieces?

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