And done I did!

As you might notice, there are 3 pictures showing the same paint color, all 3 are slightly different. None of them really represent the actual paint color, which is Benjamin Moore's Mozart Blue (1665), a greyer, bluer, deeper tone.

This is now what you see when you walk up the stairs. The walls at the top of the stairs and around the banister went from a basic off white (Sherwin William's Dove white) to this! It's now a really soothing, inviting space, and the broad flat panels of color make the ceiling seem higher and the space wider and airier!

So why am I waxing on and on about 2 painted walls? For some reason this is the equivalent of a nomad building a fire pit. It's such a small investment but also personalizes and claims the space.

Hooray! Maybe I'm on a roll now! Now to decide what color the bedroom should be. . .

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lisa solomon said...

hey renee.... that color is fantastic@! and i love how the drawings look on it! thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!