Personal Pangaea

This weekend consisted of a wee bit of drawing and cleaning up the blog a little! I've added a couple links in the sidebar. If you wanna exchange links just lemme know!

There was also a lot of painting going on. Wall painting and changing the trim from off white to bright white. Finishing the wallpaper on the stairs (see the picture of the fabulous Mylar wallpaper to the left). Painting the formerly-natural-wood hollow core closet doors to bright white and a massive purging amidst all the painting.

Garbage that must go. . . isn't reusable to anyone or recyclable. This sort of garbage is my downfall. I have extreme guilt over sending things to the landfill, but in a moment of organizational passion I had to purge. So purge I did, enough to fill the small landing at the bottom of the stairs in a pile 4 feet tall. That is a lot of baggage to hold on to. It'll feel good to get it out of the house. I have a pile of equal and greater size ready to be thrifted.

It's quite a process of pulling things out to get them to fit back together in a better way. A personal Pangaea, I guess.

Sadly, my studio is in terrible shape, suffering from the whirlwind of Christmas gift creativity.

As I clean, organize, and paint I've been having a lot of emotional surges, too. The quiet painting times I spend hoping for healing and working on loving forgiveness. Deliberate and purposeful living calls for a certain amount of healing from a similarly sized pile of internal garbage.
Such a silly and generic metaphor, but funny how appropriate it is!

(Please pardon the picture reruns, new ones are in the works. . . from my new Canon G7 that Charlie gave me for Christmas!)

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Okay I am just marvelling at your wallpaper. How does it look up?!!!