Now it's time to just get the job done.

I've been updating etsy with great furor this year! So far a drawing (or 2!) a day!

I'm offering prints in limited runs, only 10 prints per drawing, for $15. Email for more info.

Will I keep it up? Will I ever finish the Couch-to-5k? What will the new year bring? I'm looking forward to a year of self-development progress and inspiration. Maybe a dash of positivity, health and healing old wounds.

I'm most excited about building a home with my incredible mister. . . and blogging about it here!
Last year I bought 3 of these drawings by the talented Lisa Solomon (image is from Lisa's site). Unfortunately, they've been sitting in the package they arrived in ever since. I know where I want them to go, but I wanted to change the wall color before they went up. So I made a trek to the paint store 2 days ago and bought what I thought was a rather sophisticated French Blue in eggshell finish. Last night I painted one of the 2 walls I had in mind for that particular color. Now I have a monumental dark, country teal wall that looks more like a tribute to tole painting resin teddy bear figurines than an appropriate place to hang subversive contemporary art.
Tonight I will amend my wrongs to the color gods and get a greyer version. I am also changing painting techniques, the rollers will come out. Last night I painted with a large brush and a hefty amount of determination, I love painting walls with brushes. It's a great way to slow down, pay careful attention, let thoughts wander and find zen in the saturation of colors. Now it's time to just get the job done.

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