You say good bye...

Today is my last post as the Petals and Pedals guest post series on Modish. Jena is flourishing with Miss Modish PR and Modish will soon emphasize that aspect of her multi-faceted life. It's so exciting to see friends find their path in such an organic fashion, you can see the success in their future!

I'm planning to take the extra time each week to further Wolfie & the Sneak and really dig into some work that reflects our experiences and beliefs. I also feel like I missed the boat on some of my own marketing initiatives, and hope to back pedal a bit to make the name Wolfie & the Sneak synonymous with our original designs. You know, settle on a logo...I can do it for other people, seems I should be able to do it for our own series of creations.

This might sound a bit cryptic, but as I learn and read more and more about owning your originality, I feel like "establishment" keeps popping up, and I need to focus on that a bit!

What? you didn't need to see that?

Plus it's time for some serious ME time, as in I'm serious about getting myself in tip top shape to be a good and present mommy. As in many practices, taking care of others requires you take care of yourself first, right?

Am I making sense or just babbling?  Anyway, go visit me at Modish and wish Miss Jena the best!

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