In the dead heat of summer it's hard to think about the holidays, but just as the retail world starts pushing Christmas right after Valentines, seems the crafting world has to keep up...or at least nipping at the heels of the corporate retailers to stay competitive.

I just sent off my first application for a holiday pop-up shop. In years past I would see notices and tell myself it was too early to apply, that I would wait til closer to the deadline and the beginning of Fall. Not a good idea to procrastinate, because that also meant (in years past) that I would miss the deadline and also miss out on the wonderful opportunities presented.

Are you an artist/crafter? Ready to start thinking about the holiday season? Some early bird organizations include a few of my favorites:
Craftland is taking applications for their month long holiday sale that spans the end of November to the end of December.
ICE Atlanta is taking applications for their 2 day November 2011 show.

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