I'm fiddling around with the homepage today, trying to get a good "hey, we make art" feel to it. Web design is definitely not my forte, so it's a struggle.

Anyway, if you get a sec, check it out and tell me what you think...but be gentle. My nerves are shot after 5 hours of mangling and wrestling with code. I'm going to have some extra time each week, and I'd really like to spell it all out for people: this is what we do and here's how we do it.

What do we do? We draw, take pictures, make stuff and try to do it all with as little an impact on the earth as possible. Hmmm, maybe the homepage should just say that. Rats, back to the digital drawing board.

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ashley said...

I love the pseudoLatin names for your links. "Seeus inpersonis" -- nice! It definitely communicates "hey, we make art," but in a fun, we-don't-take-ourselves-TOO-seriously way. :)