I can barely open my eyes this morning after a long weekend at the lake, seeing family I haven't seen in a long time, and endlessly chasing Mabel. There was a lot of cake. And today I have my first fitness assessment at Fitness Together. Things are not looking good. I've been tracking my food for Weight Watchers as well as doing a serious workout twice a week, but have been on a plateau since August of last year. I have gained a few pounds (3, grrr) back, but feel pretty confident I have exchanged those few pounds for lean muscle weight.

Me in August of 2010, but I pretty much look the same now

I had an assessment the first time I tried FT, but at that time work was slow and we just couldn't afford the cost.  Luckily (?) I'll have the old assessment to compare to today's results.

So  this is where I am {again}:

I know I need to increase my activity levels, so all this has left me wondering, do the Charlotte Roller Girls need another Renee?

Anyone have any secrets to share about resisting the junk food when it presents itself in abundance? Favorite exercise activities? Lay 'em on me! I hope you had a happy, healthy, and safe Fourth of July!

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