Fourth Fun and Solid Swimwear

Swimsuits. Ugh, right? Why can't there be an easy answer--a suit to hold me in, keep me from showing off a little too much, and have a lasting look.

Last year I went for this cute number from Modcloth, but with all my saggy parts I decided after a few wears the material didn't quite hold me in as much as I'd like. Amazingly, these suits form another post are similar to the ones I was looking at this year. I love the retro Hollywood hey day styling that's so popular. . . especially the full coverage it offers.

In the end, though, I went for a couple from Land's End...kinda basic, but hopefully they'll keep everything in place and there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions.

How about you? Ready for a dunk in the pool this Fourth of July? What's your favorite go-to source for swimsuits?

Not crazy about swimming? How about a fun and easy outdoor project this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I hate swimwear. With a passion.

ashley said...

Those are really cute!

Me and my rear are super thankful for the two-piece bottoms that look like short shorts. (They cover a multitude of sins!)