Early recap of KCWC so far

A quick recap of things I've made for M this month:

Then the first two things I made for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. he wrap dress from Sunday. The pants I made on Monday were cute, but a little too slim for M.

Yesterday I went for a quick-n-easy project: a simple circle skirt. I used Made blog's tutorial but made a covered elastic waist since I didn't have any thick, fancy elastic on hand. I'm really enjoying picking through all the fabric pieces I have already. It's paring the back stock down while giving me a fun challenge to match complimentary patterns up. (If you want to make a circle skirt that fits 2T to 3T, I have a jpg collection in google docs to make the circle cutting easy as pie.)

If I decide to try another pair of pants, I have some super cute, colorfully striped fabric that would be just perfect for these flat front pants.

I think I only post pictures of myself in this plaid dress. It, too, has a circle skirt and is probably why I was determined to make one for M. I love to randomly spin around the house and watch it flare out. Other times I hoist it up like Melissa Gilbert/Laura Ingalls does at the beginning of Little House on the Prairie as she's walking through the fields.

Just for the record, M likes to spin around and see her skirt flare up, too.


Misti said...

I've loved seeing your photos this week here and on Flickr. Beautiful shots and your daughter is growing up so quickly!

mckenzie said...

Ha! Those are the reasons I wear skirts too.

Red Red Completely Red said...

Love the circle skirt! And, your plaid dress, from what I can see. Did you make that one, too?

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

mckenzie--twirling around is too fun! and really, skirts/dresses are so comfy!

Astrid--thanks! I didn't make the dress, I bought it on clearance from LL Bean! I wish they had another one this year with a different pattern, it's my favorite dress ever. I might copy it myself . . .