K-K-K-K-K-Katmandu, take me, baby, 'cause I'm going with you

These desks for The Kids of Kathmandu are pretty incredible. I love the one with the pencil holder, except I think I'd have a fear of walking within 6 feet of it for fear of tripping and poking my eye out**. . . and if you are afraid to walk near a desk, well, it pretty much loses its function, doesn't it? They're all pretty amazing, and if you have an extra $1000+ lying around you can bid on one. The proceeds go to support the education of orphans in Nepal. What a way to stretch your dollars all the way around the globe!

via DesignMom

** I know, it's a weird aversion, but I also feel the same way about near-empty clothing racks in retail stores. That shiny metal sticking out seems to taunt the inner-very-clumsy me.

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Ashley said...

The solution to your phobia of sharp things sticking out -- this cute little pencil cup Dad gave me:


Blunt eraser ends up only, for all us clumsy ones.

Those bare metal shopping racks have always made me feel vaguely uneasy too!