But. . . oooo, shiny!

Just wanted to stop in and show off my newest Craigslist acquisition: 2 Adrian Pearsall tables in great shape (a few issues, but nothing we can't fix) with the original crystal tops (no chips!). M pitched in to Wood for Good them. They're a little dry, so we'll just keep oiling and waxing them back to happy mid-century health.

If you stocked up on Confetti System at UO, I think these pieces by Annily Green (via You are my fave) would be the perfect complement to Confetti System's grown up party pretty . Ooooo, look! Confetti System has a Big Cartel shop. . . I didn't know that! Oops, sorry for the ADD moment, back to Annily. She makes the banner in gold pleather, too--oolala! Gold leather (and pleather) has been an obsession since I first saw Thief and Bandit's feather headbands. Also, I love that couch under the banner. It would go perfectly with our new tables.

Of course, I'm still on a spending freeze (but $25 end tables? can you blame me??) so no pretty gold anything for me. But. . . oooo, shiny!


Jessica said...

Holy cow! What a find!! I'm swooning over here; those are beautiful tables.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thanks! We haven't put them in place yet, but I love walking by them and thinking how beautiful I think they are and then "score!"