6 Favorites For My Favorite 6 Year Old

It's pretty obvious how much we love Poppytalk. Well, guess what? Their pretty little blog just turned 6! 6 years old! As one other tweeter put it, 6 years in blogland is like a million real years, and I have to agree. It takes a lot to keep up with something for 6 years. We should {almost} know!

Dear Poppytalk,

Congratulations, and here's to 6+ more years. You always find the. best. stuff. and I love you for it. My wallet, however, does not. But who cares about my wallet?

Let's get lookin' at SIX (get it? Since they just turned 6. . .okay, maybe not so clever) examples of the hotness you perpetually find. From this month's Poppytalk Handmade Market:  

Miki Organic Pirate Peg Dress Up Toy (also how much do I love their birdhouse wallpaper!?)
Formed and Found Steel Hangers

Un Lieu Sur Terre© Pillow
The Sassy Crafter Doily Rosette
Kove Shawl
Vivienne Strauss painting

Happy Birthday Poppytalk!
Lots of Love,
The WatS family

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Jan Halvarson said...

Oh my goodness! How sweet is this? You just made my six years brighter! Thank you SO much!