Beds of two distinctly different varieties

Oops, that was an unexpected break. M had a runny nose that evolved into some sort of phlegmy, sore throat, cough, total body ache for the full family. Yay. That's how it goes when you have a little one around and you can't tell her to keep her fingers out of her mouth, use a kleenex, and wash her hands.

Before the illness that swept an entire family off its feet crept in, we were prepping a big girl room for M. She never liked the crib so all that energy that went into preparing a nursery also went right out the window. We bought her a twin sized memory foam mattress for Christmas, but haven't made the transition from co-sleeping to separate beds yet. As far as the room decor, I have: a light I found on Craigslist, fabric that was supposed to cover the new old couch (but I decided it wasn't a sturdy enough fabric for upholstery) that will now become drapes, and a cheap but colorful bedding set from Target that will mix'n match nicely with thrift store finds. The Sneak approves, but I'm afraid it's just too much color, and not the cozy, relaxing big girl room I have in mind. What do you think?

We've also worked on getting the yard ready for the last frost date here. (9 days, but who's counting?) Old beds were weeded and new beds made. I planted 25 asparagus crowns and 25 strawberry crowns. Invasive exotics were ripped out in preparation for a few better selected trees and plants. I've been trench composting in the raised beds, which have been inadvertently resting for 2 years, so they should be good to go if the worms have been working as hard as we have.

Are you making any beds these days...dirt or otherwise?


Erin Lang Norris said...

We have about 18 days till the last frost date and I feel like I'm going to slip behind!

This is the first year that we can finally do a veggie garden. We had a huge list at first, but then I stepped back and decided that I need to go slow with this and not take as deep of a plunge as I normally do with things. I think it will make for a happier time in the long run. :)

Libby said...

Last year was our first in our place and I was too overwhelmed with reno projects to focus on anything but flower beds. I'm going to try some square foot gardening this year and do veggies. Seeds are ordered but not started. Thankfully I have some time still, our last frost date isn't until mid-late May! Thanks for the reminder about asparagus, too - I'd like to start those this year.