Will you recognize success when it smacks you in the face?

Do you have those moments where you {even just for a half second} think *Oh crap! I need to update my twitter feed, then facebook, new patterns for Spoonflower, relist on etsy, new prints on etsy, oh that print is so last year. Scrap that one, I need new products, narwhals are hot, maybe I should draw a narwhal...*

Then reality sinks in and you remember *Hey! I'm not a making machine. I need to make things that represent me authentically. I need to make work that resonates within.*
These thoughts come and go monthly, and I need reminders that I truly do believe this. So today my mantra is not to worry about what others do. Success is defined by the individual, not by following a series of steps. What works for you may not work for me.

How do you define success? Can you recognize it when it happens?

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Barbara Bechtel said...

needed to hear this today! amen!