Theoretical Gardening

I've spent the last 2+ years doing more theoretical gardening than hands-on stuff; it's easier to just think when all your time and energy is taken by making and raising a baby! 

I'm completely over cerebral/thought process hoo ha and I'm ready to act. The itch is only stronger since it's in the mid-60s outside.

I'm itchin' something bad, though. I want dirt under my nails, in my hair and smudged across my face. I want to smell human and sweaty. I want to swat at bugs and marvel as plants unfurl new leaves.

Ask me again in July, though, and there will be a different list of wants. 

With all that said, I did finally get a seed order placed. But not after I filled my cart on countless seed sites, only to delete the items and get the heck outta Dodge. It's so easy to over-buy and then get overwhelmed when the seeds are all sprawled out in front of you. So I marinated on what my basics were (green beans, tomatoes, basil . . .) then decided what I wanted to do as part of a more permanent landscape. 

My list for the permanent landscape was comprised of edibles adept at accumulating nutrients. I've been abusing my soil and it's time to give it a little something in return.  Having a theme to work with made it a lot easier to narrow my choices even further.

Of course, right before check out I added a few packs of seeds of things I'd tried before and really enjoyed having in the garden.

While seed shopping I first decided I'd order from a semi-local seed company called Sow True. Doing so narrowed my choices in all the best ways: they're selling seeds that work well for them** plus they're a small business so the list of available seeds isn't overwhelming. Also, buying from them means I'm investing in the local economy and a small business.  **Although the climate in Asheville is different than Charlotte, I considered their options to be Phase I of whittling down.

There were a few things I wanted that Sow True didn't have, so I supplemented my purchase with them with a small purchase from Seeds of Change.  Anything else I want will have to come from trades.

Without further ado

Amaranth, Hopi Red Dye
Corn - Golden Bantam 12-row Improved Sweet Corn
Echinacea - Tennesseensis , ORGANIC
Epazote - Glossy , ORGANIC
Fennel - Florence (var. Azoricum)
Mache - Dutch Corn Salad
Marigold, Cempoalxochitl
Marigold, Lemon gem
Mexican Sunflower  - Tithonia, Torch
Nettle, Stinging
New Zealand Spinach
Onion - Walla-Walla Sweet Spanish
Onion - Long White Bunching
Parsnip - Harris Model
Pea, Snow - Oregon - Oregon Sugar Pod Peas
Shiso, Green
Sorrel - Large Leaf
Sorghum - Hungarian Broom Corn ,
Tomato - Yellow Pear
Tomato - ORGANIC Mortgage Lifter
Zinnia, State Fair Mix

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paula :: plays with mud said...

Thank you for this! I just popped by to see if you had started your garden this year. I'm checking out the seed sites right now - hoping I'm not too late!!