One Old Desk and TMI

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Not much time for a full-on Philosophizin' Friday post, but here's another glimpse into our den. We had a old record player console that Charlie rebuilt into a stereo unit, but it was just too cramped. I looked around for a side table I'd like in there instead, and found an options at West Elm and CB2 that I liked. I kind of feared, though, that the styles that I liked would make the room too "leggy" with the star base on the lounge, ottoman and 3-legged base on the coffee table.

Plus I couldn't get too excited about buying new stuff, new stuff since I'm on a spending hiatus. To be honest, though, I'm also a little worried that going over board with thrift store finds might make our home feel a little too dorm room chic.  Whatever. I found a $20 desk on Craigslist (chair included. . . sweet!) and went for it.

The lady that sold it to us told me a supposed story about the desk, though, that was enough to give me doubts the whole drive home about whether we could keep it. One word: haunted. People, if you're trying to get rid of something on Craigslist don't pass along the back story unless it's a good one. For example, "This desk was Neil Young's favorite desk in grade school. See? He wrote his initials in it and loved it so much he bought it after he made it big. It was in his house until I bought it from him."

That's a good story. The one I heard was not, and was also not one that will not be passed along when/if we get rid of the desk. Without further ado, the desk with tmi. What do you think? Perfectly Trash Americana or on the verge of poor college student decor?

I've got a post up on Modish today and later this weekend I'll be venturing west to Warren Wilson College for a workshop with Dave Jacke hosted by a few of my friends from Permie Camp. Hope you have a great weekend!


Julia said...

oh i like it! (and i've just accepted the fact that craigslist people are weird- i bought a sink top a few weeks ago and the woman could NOT believe that i had a base, but no top and she had the top, but no base- she kept saying "what are the CHANCES?!").

Erin Lang Norris said...

i know what you mean about hoping to avoid the dorm room chic feeling. Ah!

As much as I LOVE thrifting & Craigslist, there are many days when I wish I could just buy what I want, NEW, and call it a day rather than searching for months and finally making do with whatever I can find and rehab. Oy, love hate, I tell you.