Pardon me while I geek out

Have you ever wondered just what goes into a Wolfie and the Sneak print? I mean, it's just a print out from an ink jet printer, right? So maybe you haven't really wondered, but today I'm going to show you a little bit of what we do. Feel free to glaze over and skip this if it's a little dry, but me? I geek out on printing.

If you've bought prints from us, you might have noticed a transition in the paper we've used over time. Maybe not, though. I'm not sure everyone enjoys the nuances of paper as much as I do. The hues and textures, the quality of print, the ecological story behind the paper. Papers even have a variety (or lack of) coatings, making each combination of type of ink + type of paper have a different lifespan.

Our goal is to find the "greenest" paper that produces the highest quality print we can produce. It's an ongoing process, but we take pride in knowing we do the best we can thanks to experience, knowledge and experiments. 

Currently I have a handful of papers I loooove and a few I'm trying out. The ones that didn't pass muster that are what I use for proofing or become part of a scrap paper notebook.

Then comes the really fun part. As said geek,  C and me have amassed quite a collection of printers.  {Perhaps we need to add a dot matrix to add to the collection.} What do W&tS use to print? All Epsons: Stylus Photo 1400 Ink Jet,  Stylus Pro 4000 Print Engine, and now (though we haven't used it yet) we have a Stylus Pro 10000. Let me really geek out a little bit here: that last beast I just listed prints  44" wide images. That's the bad boy that inspired this here post.

We haven't used it yet, in fact we just brought it home yesterday, but think of the possibilities a true wide format printer presents. Well, roll me up in the rug and call me floored. 

Just think: love our ID prints, but want something a lot bigger? We can do it! And even more exciting? We can do it on paper, fabric, or tyvek . . . My world just expanded exponentially, so why do I feel like I may never want to leave the house again?!

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