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Hey Kiddos!

I've got a couple questions for you today:

1) Are you on the mailing list?
2) Would you like to be?

We're changing formats so the mailing list, which is currently an email newsletter, will soon be a combination of email and snail mail updates. What does that mean? Nope, we're not sending out a catalog! What we are doing is working on creative, collaborative ways to bring sunshine to your mail box and a little extra free art for your walls!

3) *Ahem* Now would you like to be?

The first edition will be sent out sometime in March, and though we're just working on the planning stages right now, I already know you're going to love it.
Without giving away any secrets or surprises, here's a short survey with the option to sign up for the newsletter at the very end. You know, if you're interested.

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