Notes to nicely wrap up a week

I've decided the tooth fairy is actually a mean little bugger. She goes around punching infants and toddlers in the gums {mostly at night, and all night long at that} then only comes back a few years later with the money to apologize.

The apology is, I think, actually a small percentage from the dough dentists use to bribe the tooth fairy to play nice. Otherwise no one would ever let anyone near their teeth and gums again.
 Later today I'm showing off the seed catalog prettiness that abounds this year. Is it me or are they prettier than usual??

Okay, so from all that pretty to something more gritty (especially the fat rendering post), I'm really into The New Home Economics blog. She covers books, recipes, gardening and DIY projects. . . sound a little familiar? Plus the budgeting posts are really good for my not so budgety brain. 

Then there's the weekend. What are we doing? Appeasing the grumpy gummed kiddo, finishing the chair project, making fermented sauerkraut and who knows what else!? How about you? What are you getting into?


Jennifer said...

Wow, what high praise! Thanks for the links and compliments. Totally made my day.

I've been spending a lot of quality time with my Seed Savers Exchange catalog too. I'm going to need to either greatly expand my garden or pare back a little. I'm always extra-ambitious this time of year...

Ashley said...

We're reading up on how to tile over a brick fireplace -- as we're planning to try it out firsthand soon. (You know the crafty genes all skipped over me and went straight to you, so this should be ... uh ... interesting. You may be getting a panicked call for help!)