To dream the impossible dream

I have a few days to snap back to reality, especially since I'm not much of a "resolution" kind of gal, but I have a few resolutions floating around in my brain. More sewing! More pictures! Less sugar! No caffeine! What kind of sure-I-can-find-the-time-to-do-more dreamworld am I living in??!
For starters, a messy one. Somewhere, most likely in the back of a certain someone's car, under all the Christmas gifts that haven't made it inside yet, my camera has settled in for a long winter nap.

When me and my Rebel finish this little game of hide and seek these blog posts will return to their normal programming {if there ever were such a thing}. In the meantime, I present to you a few sewing projects that I sure would like to see coming off the sewing machine/serger sometime soon.

Sencha Blouse pattern by Collette {and awesome review by Ramonster; my singular experience with a Collette pattern makes me a firm believer in their ability to hold my hand through even the difficult stitches}
Sew Liberated Picnic Blouse/Dress--would it look so cute and sassy on me?
Dana Made It 90 Minute Tee Shirt {I think I've posted that one before?}, except I'm thinking of making them a little longer, like a tunic for Miss M, then I can complete the homemade outfit with Made by Rae tights.

Is this the impossible dream?


Jessica said...

Wow; definitely want to try the picnic blouse!

Ashley said...

Big yes to the picnic blouse! And for someone like you, that's a VERY possible dream.