Print is not dead and Farming is alive!

Image from Urban Farm's website.
I'm 4-ish months late to the party, but have you seen Urban Farm Magazine? I picked up a copy the last time I was at Earth Fare and am smitten.Granted, some of the info is a little dry. Ahem, I present to you exhibit A:
"Poultry litter biochar might help collect heavy metals in storm water, USDA scientists hypothesize."
To be honest, I picked it up because of an article touted on the cover: "Permaculture in your backyard". I haven't even read that one yet. I've been savoring each article, one at a time.

I did read the short bit on yeast breads by Deborah Madison.  Simply the fact that I tried it says something nearly miraculous because I've never really had success with yeast breads. It always comes out heavy and gummy and, well, a better paperweight than anything {insert french chef accent} how do you say comestible? The concise directions and tips {tips. in  a sidebar. highlighted. as in you can't ignore them. read them. they're everything you never realized about bread baking. tips!} inspired me to peel myself off the couch on new years day, stop the Psych/Monk marathon and try out the focaccia recipe.

Image from Urban Farm's website.
Success! Such sweet, savory success! But alas, no pictures to share. It turned out light and fluffy, salty and crusty. I was proud. I walked around asking Charlie what he thought. His response was invariably, "Tastes like bread" between mouthfuls. The pride I had for his response was fairly annoying, I'm sure, but I'd made 2 loaves {because I wasn't sure the yeast was right on the first one} so I decided to share. That's why I have no pictures. . . we kept half a loaf and the other halves I wrapped in butcher paper and took to my brothers' and sister's houses. Oops, sorry for the tangent. But I made bread! I. made. bread!

Back to the magazine. It's good. Some of the writers are familiar, and the content is authentically green and relevant to my lifestyle. Yes, even biochar chicken poop. Best of all? It's something you can carry around, fold down the edges, feel in your hands. Seems all my favorite magazines have gone under over the past couple years, so it's especially nice to find a new one in print. Viva la Urban Farm!

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Ashley said...

The focaccia was *awesome.*

And yes, it tasted like bread. Only much, much better. (Especially dipped in warm garlic butter. Mmmm ... ) We'll gladly be your guinea pigs anytime!

Loved the sea salt - nice touch!