I received 2 very different, very gadgety, very exciting gifts for Christmas: a serger (Juno by Janome), and a used but super nice wide-format Epson 4000. I don't know which one I'm more excited about--The printer means the capability to do larger prints and rolls {with a built in cutter so no fishing for scissors as the prints finish.} The serger, after a little practice, will help me keep M clothed in Wolfie & the Sneak patterned outfits. Oh! The possibilities!

In all actuality, sometime in the next 18 years I'll have the chance to play with them.

I think

How was your holiday?


jgoode said...

Ha Ha, no kidding. I am doing American Girl doll clothes just to use my new Sewing machine and the girls will give me the time to do it since they love the reward. Gratz on your great presents! Jennifer

Erin Lang Norris said...

I got lots of new tools to start replacing the shoddy used/old ones that I had, which I loved.

I also got some new landscaping books and my parents picked some sweet flea market finds up for us as well.

But no serger! I do need to get one of those- I have LOTS of windows to cover and pillow covers to make. But then I will find myself with yet another addiction: fabric.

Glad you enjoyed a lovely Christmas- can't wait to see the prints that come off the new printer!