Toasty Toes

Back to our regularly scheduled blabber, but the copyright issues that have been the content of this blog the past several weeks aren't going away. It's just time for a little distraction, plus some internet friends and I are working on a way keep the dialog going in a positive, educational, empowering direction. . . So say hello to distraction # 1: warm and toasty toes.
Maybe it's all because of Mabel and I have to be aware of her level of warmth, but I keep thinking Charlie needs some winter boots. Here are some options, based on the following considerations: warmth, comfort, price (under $200), quality (they need to last for years and years), style, and reviews I've read online. Hi-C is the pickiest person I've ever met as far as shoe comfort goes. Don't get me wrong, I like a comfy pair of shoes, but this dude has more pairs of shoes he won't wear because they aren't sneaker-cushy. Seriously.
So, what keeps your Mr's (or your own?) toes toasty, comfy and stylish all winter long? The boots above, starting with the upper left and going clockwise, are made by Keen, Merrell, Sorel, and The North Face.
Anyone have some input?


mckenzie said...

Hi, I'm obsessed with keeping my feet warm. I honestly think there's something wrong with my circulation. I'll go outside for just one minute in the cold and my feet will already be completely numb. Then the horrible burning sensation comes on. Anyway, these boots are INCREDIBLE. Seriously. They are the warmest things I've ever worn in my life, plus they're waterproof and affordable.



Anonymous said...

Have you tried LL Bean....? Great
company to work with.


Erin Lang Norris said...

Keen & Merrel have pretty good customer service if you ever have issues. Keen is a bit wider fitting and more toe wiggle room, generally. Merrel seems to be a little narrower and lower profile.

I'm not sure about North Face or Sorel. I have Keen snow boots and I like them a lot...even though I just found a new pair that I want but that's the fashionista in me. Nothing wrong with my pair that I just bought last year!

Joe has Columbia and the quality is great. I was a little worried about them since they are a bit more "mainstream" but I checked them out and the stitching, materials and adhesives are all good. I'm a kind of a stickler when it comes to the quality of outdoor products since I work at an outdoor retail shop spring-fall.

Anyway, good luck! Can he try all of these on before choosing?