Calendar Giveaway!

I'd planned to do a post on Cursive Design and some other favorites of mine, but yesterday was an explosion of gettin' stuff done, so I have a lot of my own stuff to show. So Monday we'll drool over the colorful jewelry Sarah makes. Drooling is better suited for a Monday anyway, right?

Are you familiar with While She Naps? That was totally me yesterday: baby slung on my shoulder, deep in baby-sleep while I printed, scanned, colored and photoshopped away. For 2 solid hours I was doing the creativity hustle, and what do I have to show for it? The Winter Poster {and print, although I don't have that graphic on the site yet}!

I also begged Hi-C to get a shot of the calendar and he kindly obliged. Look at that--the 2011 calendar on a one-of-a-kind kindling shelf!

I know I'm whoring out the links left and right, but I'm pretty proud of how the shop is shaping up, so I want people to look at it!

And if you've made it past all the bragging excitement, I have a contest going! Vote for your favorite month's illustration {there are no right or wrong answers} for a chance to win one of our 2011 calendars! We're giving 3 away after the contest closes Wednesday, October 27.
Go now and Vote!

{PS--If you've had trouble opening the link, this link is the same survey.}


Barbara Bechtel said...

mrgh. i couldn't get the link to the survey to work. is it just me?

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Hmm, if anyone else out there has a problem, you can try this link, it all collects in the same place: